NIK has been exporting walnut kernels since 2005. During this time, we were able to study modern technologies of nut production and processing perfectly and to acquire the reputation of a reliable supplier.

Why choose NIK?

Most Ukrainian walnuts are grown by local residents in private households with only one-tenth of the harvest grown on large farms. The quality of the final product depends on how well organized the collection of raw product is.

That is why NIK has established stable partnership relations with nut-purchasing agents as well as created a network of walnut collection points throughout the country. Due to this we are able to guarantee the availability of large amounts of product and to complete orders on time.

Our managers will be happy to advise you on the most favorable terms of cooperation, since the company’s main goal is to provide high quality, excellent taste and full satisfaction for our customers.

Our Strengths

  • Production: Having its own line for processing walnuts, NIK is able to monitor the whole process and make sure it conforms to the State Technical Conditions. Walnut processing includes two stages: the first one is aided by specialized high-quality equipment; at the second stage additional manual processing and visual control help to ensure the highest quality of our product.

  • High quality product: Our company offers and sells only certified product. Walnuts should not only taste good, but also have health benefits too. That is why we do our best to preserve all the nutritional and healing properties of the walnut. Quality control is carried out under laboratory conditions in accordance with state and international standards.

    To ensure the high safety level ofour product, we act in compliance with the recommendations of Codex Alimentarius: our products are tested for the content of pesticides, agrochemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and microtoxins. We use special methods that have been designed to reduce and prevent the formation of aflatoxins, since this mycotoxin is most dangerous for our product.

  • Storage conditions: Health benefits of the walnut depend on the content of biologically active ingredients and vitamins. We maintain optimal storage conditions and keep to strict sanitary and hygienic standards for storage facilities to make sure that our product keeps its useful properties.
  • Packaging: Proper packaging allows to ensure the integrity of goods during transportation and safety of the product quality. We place 10 kg of walnut kernels in five-layer cardboard corrugated boxes or, if a client chooses so, we will put 5 kg of goods in a vacuum pack and seal it. We will be happy to consider other preferences our customers might have, provided they do not cause damaging of our product.
  • Attractive price: As the manufacturer and the direct supplier, NIK is able to offer the best value deals for our clients.
  • Competent employees: NIK employs specialists with many years of experience in various fields of production. Our employees study the cultural, economic and geopolitical situation in the partner countries, analyze current innovations in international legislation and monitor changes in the requirements for the quality and safety of food product.

  • Foreign contracts: We have extensive experience of working with foreign partners which allows us to have a clear understanding of our customers’ wishes and requirements. Due to our expertise we are able to successfully fulfill contract obligations as well as eliminate any problems with documentation.


We would be happy to find new partners both on foreign and domestic markets.